• Attended Event Held for John Hostettler

    Attended Event Held for John Hostettler

    It was such a great night at the Weil Barn for my children’s papaw who happens to be running in Indiana’s 8th Congressional District this year at the same time I’m running for Indiana House District 64.

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  • Filing for Reelection

    Filing for Reelection

    Today I filed to run to continue to represent the 64th District in The House of Representatives in The Indiana General Assembly. So thankful for my beautiful bride and the little ones that she’s blessed me with. Wouldn’t/couldn’t do it without their love and support.

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  • About Free Markets

    About Free Markets

    For an industry to operate under a “free market”, it cannot be mandated by the government. Healthcare is mandated by the government. Obama Care: Get private insurance, or we are going to charge you extra taxes and make you pay for it anyway. Medicare and Medicaid: Pay us these taxes, or we’ll take them anyway…

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  • Marching for Life

    Marching for Life

    Honored and humbled to stand with so many fellow Hoosiers at the Statehouse today for the March for Life. Every mother, like every pre-born child, is fearfully and wonderfully made and loved by their Creator. It is our job to communicate that truth with all the grace and compassion that the Good News exemplifies. They…

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  • Back where it all started

    Back where it all started

    “My family and I are very fortunate to call Indiana home. Our legislative body is a reflection of Hoosier commitment to both fiscal and personal responsibility with limited government interference. District 64 has exemplified these values through Rep. Washburne, and it is my goal to pick up where he will leave off. This is a…

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