About Matt Hostettler

Matt is a lifelong resident of southwestern Indiana. Born in Evansville, he grew up in Blairsville in Posey County and attended North Posey High School before going on to Purdue University as a National Merit Scholar Finalist where he obtained a B.S. in Management from the Krannert School of Management. Matt and Michelle were married in 2012. Since then, Matt has started a small business based in Gibson County. He and Michelle and their four children currently reside in Fort Patoka.

From a young age, Matt’s father, John, instilled in him an understanding of a citizen’s responsibilities associated with a constitutional government. Shortly following Representative Tom Washburne’s retirement announcement in August 2017, Matt felt called to step up and participate in civilian-led government to help ensure that the constitutional freedoms and sound fiscal policies that we as Hoosiers enjoy are preserved for the next generation.

I believe that the government should operate within its constitutional authority and not beyond.

I will continue to fight for policies that support both personal and fiscal responsibility.

I believe that every child conceived has the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe that citizens should be allowed to protect themselves, and I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

I believe that every legitimate, life-supporting business is essential to those who own it and are employed by it, and that the government has no authority to limit patrons or close down businesses without just compensation.

If re-elected, I’ll continue to fight to protect the preborn, our right to keep and bear arms, and our freedom to attempt to make a living to provide for our families without unconstitutional government intervention.

Matt Hostettler
Indiana State Representative
District 64